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I help busy business owners glow-up their social media presence without giving up their weekend

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Before I was a social media strategist, I was a clinical laboratory scientist who hated her job. I wasn’t able to be creative, I had to work long hours and I’m not sure if you’ve ever heard this, but working in the healthcare industry can be kind of soul-crushing.

It wasn’t until I stumbled into the world of content creation and social media management that I realized I was on the wrong career path.

Now, I'm happy to say that I absolutely love what I do. I’m here to create winning social media strategies for businesses who need social media glow ups. Because I believe in helping fellow entrepreneurs find the same happiness I have in my work.

I’m not just here to help with your social media. I’m here to give you back hours of your life.

The *official* titles

+ social media strategist
+ content creator
+ mama to two bear cubs

My superpower is taking struggling social media accounts and turning them into thriving channels for brands that are ready to shine.

I'm Katherine Kuznik

Meet your Social Media's new best friend

about me
Annie L.

Katherine understands Pinterest and makes amazing graphics. I love what she does

I was completely miserable going into work everyday. I was struggling to find any joy at all during the 45+ hours a week I was spending at my job. I'd been learning how to create content and market on social media as a side income for a few years. I was slowly growing my side hustle into an income stream to be proud of.

When I found out that our family was growing, I knew something had to change. The thought of putting my son in daycare while I went to a job I hated was too much.

So I decided to go all in on my social media marketing business and have never looked back. Now, I absolutely love what I do. Instead of waking up and dreading the day, I feel rejuvenated and excited to get to work every morning. I love meeting fellow entrepreneurs and small business owners and helping them find success on their journey.

It all started when I realized that I absolutely despised my job in the healthcare industry.

Growing your dream business doesn't happen by accident. I know this is your baby.

I know spending money on a business can be a huge step that I don't take lightly.

You're tired of playing games with social media and ready to commit to a plan.

This is personal for you.

Investing in your brand is a big decision.

You're ready for results.

 I understand

My vision board is full of pistachio lattes, clean skincare, fresh cut flowers and my beautiful family.

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current obsessions

Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.

The best things in life aren’t things.

It's just so easy when the whole world fits inside of your arms.

Am i the only one with quotes I love pinned all over my walls?

Quotes I Adore

-jack johnson
-Art Buchwald
-coco chanel

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melinda d

Katherine is a very fast, very knowledgeable, highly skilled social media practitioner. I highly recommend her expertise, and look forward to working with her on a long-term basis.

You're ready to invest in your social media. I have the resources and knowledge you need. Let's do this together.

Let's build your strategic social media presence