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You barely have enough time to post to social media, let alone create interesting and meaningful content on a regular basis. You’re already spread too thin and your to-do list is a mile long.

You’re tired of trying to think of post ideas.
You’re tired of trying to create eye-catching content.
And if the algorithm changes one more time, you might lose your $h*t!!!

You don’t want to give up on social media, but you dread every moment of it.

That’s why I’m here.

Do you ever sit down to create content for social media and wonder, “What the heck should I post today?”

You aren’t quite ready to hire a social media manager, but you do need some help creating content that appeals to your ideal audience and leads to conversions. That’s why I created these DIY offerings. It’s all the essential tools you need to grow on social media without the done-for-you price tag.

Be honest: do you think social media experts are mostly just people who make outlandish promises and take your money? That’s totally not what I’m about. I’ll never leave you feeling like you overpaid for a service. I’m here to build you an online presence that taps into your ideal client base. Because I LOVE helping fellow entrepreneurs find success.

products starting from $59
Starting from $1,800

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Social Media Services

Welcome to social media made easy

Welcome to social media made easy



"Katherine understands Pinterest and makes amazing graphics. I love what she does. I'll work with her again. This was our 2nd time working together."


"Katherine was so helpful in getting us started on Pinterest. Because of her efforts, we are seeing increased traffic to our store and to our Pinterest account."

- Marlee k

"Katherine was wonderful! Extremely knowledgeable, creative, and professional. Thank you for doing such a great job. I hope to work with you again in the future!"

I know I’m not the only business owner who is totally over the stress of social media. I wanted to help fellow entrepreneurs grow on Instagram and Pinterest. I wanted a realistic solution that isn’t just chasing the dream of going viral and hoping for the best. I wanted to share my knowledge of intentional social media strategy and growth tips. So I started À la Mode Social.

I'm Katherine

I'm here to change
the way you
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I LOVE a good freebie. So of course, I had to create one for À la Mode's audience. If you need a basic brand kit (colors, fonts and photo filter) choose from any of these five brand guides I created.

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