Why are you spending your precious time managing social  media when you could be working on what you actually enjoy doing for your business. Or, (dare I say) taking time for yourself?!

To the overly busy business owners- this one's for you.

social media services

When you first started your business, you probably never thought about how important social media was going to be. You always expected if you had an amazing product to sell, or service to offer sales would just happen. Post a few photos on your social channels and forget about it. And that’s the problem.

Because it’s not about having 100k followers. This is about finding YOUR people and helping them understand why they need your product or service. It's about strategically creating content that YOUR ideal customer will relate to. It's about building a loyal audience who loves your brand as much as you do.

That's where I come in.

You don't need a $20,000 a month marketing budget to succeed on social media. You just need a specialist who knows what they are doing.

By the time my work is done, you won’t just have a social media presence. You’ll have a loyal following of your ideal customers.

Your ideal customers are on social media. Let me find them.

I'll be creating content your audience actually cares about.

I understand the importance of a consistent brand on all touchpoints of social media.

Your audience is your lifeline.

Your content should freaking kill it.

Your brand's image matters.

I believe...


What brings you here?

per month


custom packages
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+ Content strategy
+ Mixture of posts, carousels + Reels created for your feed
+ Copy for all posts
+ Hashtag strategy
+ Consistent Story posting
+ Daily community engagement
+ Monthly analytic report

What's included

When your top post on Insta has 7 likes, you need more than a little help, you need a whole new social media strategy. I’m not just here to make your feed look great, I’m here to create content that’ll bring your ideal customers to it. Get ready for Instagram growth.

Instagram Management


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per month


custom packages
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+ Content strategy
+ Professionally designed Pins that fit your brand
+ SEO keyworded titles and descriptions
+ Product Pins that are properly linked and tagged
+ Community engagement
+ Monthly analytic report

What's included

Let us guess: you know your business needs to be posting to Pinterest, but you’d rather find a trustworthy expert than try to crack the code on how the heck this platform works. If you want a Pinterest presence that oozes valuable, branded content and brings the right traffic to your site, our Pinterest Account Management is for you.

Pinterest Management


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The investment

+ Brand messaging statement
+ Customized color palette ( 3-5 colors)
+ 3 curated brand fonts (available to use in Canva Pro)
+ Canva filter code to match your brand's aesthetic
+ 9 templates for Instagram + Pinterest
+One round of revisions

What's included

You have a vision for your business that you want to showcase to your audience but you're not totally sure how. You need a plug and play solution that you can use in Canva. You don't want to spend thousands on full scale branding services. Let's create you a social brand kit.

Social Media Branding


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+ Home page
+ About Me page
+ Contact page
+ Services page
+ Blog
+ Further needs to be discussed

What's included

You know you need a website. You don't have the time to build your own. You love this website. I got you covered. 

Website Services


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increase in website traffic after 60 days

ROAS on Pinterest paid ads

on-brand pieces of content a week

increase in followers the first 45 days

more impressions the first 30 days

increase in engagement within 3 months

These are the kind of jaw-dropping results that make my clients keep comin' back

After our call, I'll send you a proposal with all the deliverables we discussed. You say "YES", and we start our working relationship!

I'll schedule a call for us to meet. We can learn more about each other and I'll explain my process.

Fill out my contact form with as much info as possible.

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the process


"Katherine understands Pinterest and makes amazing graphics. I love what she does. I'll work with her again. This was our 2nd time working together."

- Jamie

"Katherine was so helpful in getting us started on Pinterest. Because of her efforts, we are seeing increased traffic to our store and to our Pinterest account."

- Marlee

"Katherine was wonderful! Extremely knowledgeable, creative, and professional. Thank you for doing such a great job. I hope to work with you again in the future!"

You're ready to invest in your social media. I have the resources and knowledge you need. Let's do this together.

Let's build your strategic social media presence