100 Instagram Reels Ideas for Estheticians

100 Instagram Reels Ideas for Estheticians

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Estheticians, your time to shine on Instagram has arrived! With the rise of short-form video content, Instagram Reels offer a fantastic opportunity to connect with your audience, demonstrate your expertise, and share your passion for skincare and beauty.

If you’re looking for inspiration to create engaging and informative Reels, you’re in the right place. In this blog post, I have compiled a list of 100 down-to-earth Reels ideas tailored specifically for estheticians.

  1. Morning skincare routine for different skin types.
  2. Quick tips to combat acne.
  3. How to properly cleanse your face.
  4. DIY facial massage techniques.
  5. Debunking common skincare myths.
  6. Product spotlight: Your favorite moisturizer.
  7. Before and after results of a skincare treatment.
  8. How to do a gentle exfoliation at home.
  9. Explaining the importance of sunscreen.
  10. Demonstrating a relaxing sheet mask session.
  11. Creating a calming spa atmosphere at home.
  12. Guided tutorial for a hydrating skincare routine.
  13. How to choose the right facial cleanser.
  14. Sharing your favorite under-eye products.
  15. Tips for maintaining healthy brows.
  16. Exploring the benefits of facial oils.
  17. Prepping your skin for makeup application.
  18. Showcasing a professional facial treatment.
  19. How to use a jade roller effectively.
  20. Debunking the difference between dry and dehydrated skin.
  21. Creating a natural makeup look.
  22. Exploring the world of serums.
  23. DIY lip scrub tutorial.
  24. How to properly remove makeup.
  25. Sharing your favorite face masks.
  26. Explaining the science behind skincare ingredients.
  27. Showcasing your go-to acne-fighting products.
  28. Discussing the importance of double cleansing.
  29. Guiding viewers through a gentle skincare routine for sensitive skin.
  30. Product comparison: Day vs. Night moisturizer.
  31. How to incorporate retinol into your skincare routine.
  32. Sharing tips for healthy nail care.
  33. Behind-the-scenes look at your skincare workspace.
  34. Creating a DIY facial steam session.
  35. Highlighting the benefits of a weekly self-care routine.
  36. Exploring the world of toners and their benefits.
  37. How to properly apply a sheet mask.
  38. Discussing the role of antioxidants in skincare.
  39. Quick and easy makeup removal hacks.
  40. Explaining the difference between chemical and physical exfoliation.
  41. Sharing your favorite cruelty-free skincare brands.
  42. Creating a step-by-step guide to a spa-quality facial at home.
  43. How to effectively treat and prevent ingrown hairs.
  44. Showcasing the power of a hydrating overnight mask.
  45. Exploring the benefits of a proper skincare routine for men.
  46. Behind-the-scenes look at your skincare product collection.
  47. How to create a relaxing skincare routine for bedtime.
  48. Product spotlight: Your favorite face serum.
  49. Discussing the benefits of a weekly clay mask.
  50. Sharing your top skincare hacks for busy individuals.
  51. How to choose the right sunscreen for your skin type.
  52. Quick tips for achieving a healthy glow.
  53. Demonstrating the use of a micro-needling roller.
  54. Explaining the importance of pH balance in skincare.
  55. DIY recipe for a soothing face mist.
  56. How to care for your skin during different seasons.
  57. Highlighting the benefits of regular facial massages.
  58. Tips for preventing and treating under-eye circles.
  59. Quick guide to choosing the right makeup brushes.
  60. Showcasing your favorite natural skincare remedies.
  61. How to properly remove blackheads at home.
  62. Explaining the science behind collagen production.
  63. Sharing your favorite anti-aging skincare products.
  64. Creating a tutorial for a relaxing bedtime skincare routine.
  65. Discussing the connection between diet and healthy skin.
  66. How to address and treat different types of acne.
  67. Demonstrating the use of a gua sha tool.
  68. Exploring the benefits of a chemical peel.
  69. Showcasing the power of a targeted spot treatment.
  70. DIY recipe for an exfoliating body scrub.
  71. How to create a rejuvenating face mask using natural ingredients.
  72. Explaining the benefits of a professional facial massage.
  73. Quick guide to choosing the right makeup foundation.
  74. Sharing your top tips for achieving a radiant complexion.
  75. How to properly care for your makeup brushes.
  76. Highlighting the importance of self-care for mental well-being.
  77. Quick and easy skincare hacks for travelers.
  78. Creating a step-by-step guide to a flawless makeup application.
  79. How to choose the right eye cream for your concerns.
  80. Discussing the benefits of a regular skincare routine for teens.
  81. Demonstrating the use of a derma roller.
  82. Exploring the world of natural and organic skincare.
  83. Quick tips for achieving a sun-kissed glow with makeup.
  84. How to properly sanitize and clean your skincare tools.
  85. DIY recipe for a nourishing hair mask.
  86. Showcasing the benefits of a regular face massage.
  87. How to create a spa-like experience at home.
  88. Explaining the benefits of facial exercises.
  89. Quick guide to choosing the right makeup primer.
  90. Sharing your favorite DIY skincare recipes.
  91. How to address and treat hyperpigmentation.
  92. Demonstrating the use of a pore vacuum.
  93. Exploring the world of K-beauty skincare.
  94. Quick and easy skincare tips for new moms.
  95. How to create a minimalist skincare routine.
  96. Highlighting the importance of hydration for healthy skin.
  97. Quick guide to choosing the right makeup setting spray.
  98. Showcasing the power of a hydrating lip mask.
  99. How to address and treat fine lines and wrinkles.
  100. Celebrating your journey as an esthetician and sharing your story.

Instagram Reels provide estheticians with a creative and engaging platform to share their expertise, educate their audience, and foster a sense of community.

From quick skincare tips and product spotlights to DIY recipes and behind-the-scenes glimpses, the possibilities are endless. By utilizing these down-to-earth Reels ideas, estheticians can not only showcase their skills but also inspire and empower their followers to embark on their own skincare journeys.

So, grab your camera, let your creativity flow, and start creating captivating Reels that reflect your passion for beauty and skincare.

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Of course, I also have tons of free resources for you to check out here.

Katherine Kuznik
August 7, 2023

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